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20 habits to stimulate creativity

Anyone who is engaged in advertising, uses creativity in his/hers daily work. Some are fortunate enough to be endowed with inexhaustible quantities of it, while others sometimes lack enough creativity, which is completely normal. Not everyone can be very creative at any time, but fortunately there are habits that can help us keep the creative flame burning:

1. Carry always a notebook in order to write down your ideas wherever you are.

2. Write your ideas on a piece of paper rather than on the computer.

3. Read more books.

4. Listen to more music.

5. When you lack ideas go outside for a walk.

6. Meet with more children, they have unlimited imagination and can give you many ideas.

7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day - dehydration tires the mind.

8. Be interested in areas different from your professional one - medicine, botany, mechanics and others.

9. Communicate with many different people.

10. Travel more often to unknown cities and countries.

11. Visit new and unfamiliar places - restaurants, bars, art clubs.

12. Watch more foreign films.

13. Rest more often.

14. Take bold risks with unconventional ideas.

15. Do more common things that bring you happiness.

16. Learn a new language or practice more often the language you know.

17. Take a course for new skills - cooking, dancing, drawing, graphic design.

18. Drink 1-2 glasses of wine or beer when you need ideas.

19. Keep your work desk clean and tidy.

20. Remember that there is always tomorrow - if the idea does not come today, do not force it.