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Facebook Ad Popularity Is On The Rise

In 2016 Facebook is still the leading social media platform for brands and advertisers. In order to generate income, the company is cutting down on Pages` organic reach, to encourage marketers to use more facebook ads. While marketers may not be very happy with this change, the truth is, it works very well for brands. 

In Q3 of 2015 Facebook Ads racked up $4,5 billion in revenue – up 27% from Q1 of the same year. Our Newsfeeds are now full with ads, and this will not stop anytime soon as latest figures from Nanigans show. In fact, their popularity is soaring. Here are some statistics about Facebook ads from Nanigans:

Ad budgets have risen with 11%, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Return on ad spend between Q3 and Q4 2015 has also risen with 87%. Even social media marketing skeptics can appreciate the strength of this figure.

Additionally, people who click on Facebook ads also purchase more often (68%) and the size of their shopping cart is bigger (+49% in average order value).

Marketers are investing in video content, and again the numbers are astonishing. Compared to the previous quarter, video ad spend in the US rose 41% in total, and 44% on mobile. It’s also interesting to see that video ads are surging twice as fast in EMEA and APAC: 86% and 94%, respectively.

Nanigans’ clients jumped onto dynamic ads in Q4, with a 210% rise in usage compared to Q3. Likewise, ad spend for carousel ads kept on growing with a 34% increase over the same period. This just goes to show, that 
Facebook was right to bet on this ad type.

CTR varies between industry, globally it increased by 17% and is now higher than 1% – an average of 1.12%. That’s great news for marketers, despite the sheer volume of ads being served everyday, users are increasingly interacting with them, which also testify that marketers are getting the hang of Facebook advertising with much more accurate targeting.

Facebook will probably release new ad formats over the course of 2016, but as we have said before, if you’re not advertising on 
Facebook, the likelihood of your competitors doing so, is high! So, no reason not to anymore!

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