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Facebook experiment will help you 'take a break' from your ex

Facebook is piloting a set of features on mobile that will allow you to limit the amount of content that is shown to your exes and vice versa, it announced in a blog post Thursday. The feature would allow you to see less of your former partners, without the need to block or unfriend them.

With the new tools, when you change your relationship status, you'll have the option to limit the number of status updates, pictures and videos of the person in question. That person's name will also no longer appear in suggested people to message or tag. Additionally, Facebook will give you the option of automatically untagging or limiting the visibility of posts and photos with an ex. You can either go through each post one by one to decide whether to untag yourself or get rid of all tags in one clean sweep.

The feature will also allow you to limit the updates your ex may see about you. You can choose to hide your posts from that person, so they will only be able to see those posts that you share publicly, with mutual friends or those that you have tagged them in.

Kelly Winters, a product manager at Facebook, said in the post that users often ask what options are available when they end a relationship beyond unfriending or blocking an ex. The tool was designed to add more flexibility to this process.

Currently, Facebook is testing the feature in the U.S. within the mobile app. It plans to make it available more broadly after it receives feedback from the users currently testing it, though it did not say when that would be. A representative for Facebook did not immediately respond to a
Mashable request for comment.