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New Buttons for Facebook Events

Do you ‘maybe’ go to many Facebook events? Facebook finally decided to put an end to it, by dropping the “maybe” button, in favour of a more useful “interested” option.

Up until now, when a friend invited you to a public 
Facebook Event, you could choose between ‘Going’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Not Going’. And that did not always make much sense. Therefore, Facebook has now replaced ‘Maybe’, with ‘Interested’.

By choosing to be ‘Interested’ in an event, you choose to let your friends know you are considering it, and that might help them decide to go, or not. Also, you will be kept updated when something is posted by event organisers, so you can eventually make up your mind once you find out more about the event itself, or about who will be going to it.


You cannot be “Not going” anymore. Now you can simply ‘Ignore’ an event or an invite, and that is much more sensible.