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New Generation Product Ads on Facebook

Facebook has proven many times that it is the best place to advertise products, providing perfect targeting for less money in comparison with traditional advertising channels. It also provides various types of advertising formats that help marketers achieve specific goals such as attracting new fans, increasing clicks on website, advertising products, events, promotions, mobile applications and etc.

One of the most effective and attractive types of ad in facebook is multi-product ad, which allows marketers to promote up to 5 products at a time. Not only this ads lets you promote more than one product, but it also gives you better targeting.

This ad is available both on desktop and mobile and facebook users see it on their Newsfeed. Each product you choose to advertise, appears with its own picture, description and link to your website or e-shop. Facebook users first see two of your products and a little part of the third one, which they can see by clicking on it. This way pictures start to move and they can see all 5 products, click on whatever they choose and go to the website where they can buy.

In the beginning the product pictures show up in the order they have been uploaded, but facebook analyzes the interaction and starts to show firts those who have the most clicks. This is a briliant way facebook optimizes the campaign.

What can be achieved with this advertising format is more than with standart advertising:

  • Increase traffic to websites – by showing your audience more than one product proposals you increase the chance they like and click on your ad;

  • Increase conversions to your website – you can add different links to your website for different products thus increasing clicks;

  • Better targeting – facebook allows you to target people who have already visited your website.


According to facebook, businesses are already having great results using this new feature. Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President at Target, shares that “The early results have exceeded expactations, with an 20% increase in conversions compared to other facebook ads."