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The 3 main functions of Facebook posts

Posts in the official Facebook page of an organization or brand are not designed just to be published, but have to fulfill certain functions. Their functions are related to the users of the social network and are meant to serve their interests and needs. Since the pages exist exactly because of these customers, they are supposed to meet their expectations and interests.


Each post must have at least one the following 3 functions:

- To solve a problem

Every marketer knows the method of communicating a product – show the customers how your product solves their problem. You advertise washing powder – show them how it removes stains. You advertise tires – show them how they handle snowy roads. The focus has to always be on the problem this product solves instead on the product itself. Customers don’t look for products, but for solutions to their problems.


- To inform / educate

One of the reasons why people use social networks is to get information – about the life of their friends, about politics, interesting events, health, etc. Provide them with interesting and useful information so they have a reason to visit and like your page.


- To entertain

The second reason why people visit social networks is to have fun, and there are many options for this – games, funny videos, sharing of pictures, communication with friends, etc. If your product allows this, post funny pictures and videos and make people laugh. Such posts have the potential to reach a viral effect and help your post stand out of the rest. Funny and original games are another useful tool for entertainment, so don’t save on time and resources to create and use them.


When you create a post, first ask yourself if it meets at least one of the above functions. If it doesn’t, delete everything written until now and think again. If you still can’t do it, just give us a call.