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Why people unfollow brands on social media?

Have you ever wondered why some people stop liking and following brands on Facebook? Fractl and Buzzstream surveyed 900 social media users to find out the answer.

21 % of survey participants said they unfollow brands that post repetitive or boring content.

19 % say they would unfollow a brand on Facebook if the brand posted too often – more than six times a day.

16 % say that their Newsfeed is crowded with content and they want to keep better “social hygiene”.

About 14 % point out as a factor to hit the unlike button irrelevant to the brand content.

8 % say that they would unfollow a brand due to lack of engagement. These means that the page responds too slowly to comments and requests or do not respond at all.


These are the main factors that provoke a social media user to unfollow a brand. But here are four of the most important social media activities that matter for users:

  1. New content in posts

  2. Relevant to the brand content

  3. Page engagement with followers

  4. Consistent frequency of posts


When brands aren’t meeting the needs of social media users, they’re often the first pages to get unfollowed. Avoid activities that would provoke your fans to stop liking your page and provide them with the content they are looking for in their newsfeed.